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Solar System Bracelet

Featuring Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, this bracelet allows you to hold the entire solar system around your wrist. Measures 6.5” - 7.5” in length to fit any astronomer’s wrist. Sold on Etsy.


So I was playing with my rats today and..

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The Most Beautiful Love Quotes


I think we all have bad nights. And it’s fine to just completely 100% immerse yourself in those moods…but just be sure that when morning comes, you get up and get your shit together and make that following day your bitch, you know?

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Pressed Flowers by Michael Faudet
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I think I might be in love with the person who runs Taco Bell’s twitter account.

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“I wish I could
Let you fix me,
My broken parts,
My broken pieces,
But honey,
I’m not broken
No, not into pieces
But burnt,
Burnt into ashes.”

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its so annoying when people shame others for wearing makeup and looking good at school like who fucking cares if someone wants to feel good about themselves get over it  

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Hey, My name is Claudia. from Jersey. Young but not young-minded. My interests include: Harry Potter. soccer. reading. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Vampire Diaries. fun. taking pictures. puppies. food. watermelon sourpatchkids. roller-coasters. disney. super hero movies. beach. boardwalk. Imagine Dragons. glee. music. taylor swift. best friends. curled hair. forever 21. pacsun. jewelry. laughing. smiling. hopeless romantic. love. and so much more<3<br />
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